Chris Gray, Site Services Manager

Chris Gray’s career in mining has led him all over the world. In the last 30 years, Chris has lived and worked in Nevada, Indonesia, Peru, Bolivia, Australia, Ghana and Canada, until he eventually landed back in the States at South32’s Hermosa Project in Arizona. His time abroad provided him opportunities to engage with people from different backgrounds and work within culturally diverse corporate environments. Through his experience, Chris learned the nuances of international mining and over the last five years, he has brought that expertise to the Hermosa Project.

On the job, Rico Rico resident Chris helps run the project’s operations which encompasses a wide range of facility maintenance for assets such as roads, electrical and water treatment. Once the Hermosa construction team builds something onsite, Chris and his team step in to help operate it.

Chris enjoys the satisfaction of being part of a team and working together toward a common goal. Despite any challenges that might arise, he finds motivation in setting achievable goals and knowing that he’s capable of getting the job done. Whatsmore, Chris enjoys the dynamic nature of the work and is committed to making sure everyone not only gets the job done but does so safely. “If you’re not into change then construction probably isn’t for you, because it changes day to day and you’ve got to be able to go with that change and move forward, while seeing that everybody is making it home safe at the end of the day,” shared Chris. As a South32 employee who has been with the company since Hermosa Project’s inception, Chris has been able to contribute to the company’s safety culture that continues to meet industry standards.

In his free time, Chris can be found riding his motorcycle through scenic Santa Cruz County and into greater Arizona. He’s been a motorcyclist since he was in his 20s and enjoys attending rallies and riding with friends. He credits time on his Harley as his go-to stress reliever.

Advice for someone interested in this line of work? Take it from Chris when he says, “Have an open mind, don’t be scared and ask questions.” It’s important to know the correct course of action and execute accordingly in order to mitigate risk onsite.

Chris continues to serve as a model employee at South32, demonstrating his commitment to not only the project, but also to his colleagues.

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