We view Hermosa as a potential next-generation mine, presenting an opportunity to deliver transformational safety and productivity outcomes while redefining the relationship between mining and the environment.

Setting a new standard

Next-generation mining

Sustainable Development Report

Click here to download South32’s 2023 Sustainable Development Report, which provides an overview of how our business-wide processes support our sustainability objectives and how we manage our key sustainability topics.

Our commitment to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Click here to learn more about South32’s commitment to advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including the 19 primary SDG targets which our activities contribute to.


Building the foundation for next-generation mining

In early 2020, South32 completed a US $30 million voluntary cleanup of mine waste left by a previous miner at the Hermosa project in the last century. This helped to:

  • Save taxpayers money.
  • Restore the natural environment.
  • Stop heavy metals from polluting local waterways.

Watch this video to learn more about our voluntary cleanup through the Voluntary Remediation Program of the State of Arizona. 

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