Sara King, Business Improvement Specialist

Meet Sara King, our Business Improvement Specialist, whose journey at South32 began in 2019 as an intern and has since evolved into a full-time employee. Sara brings a unique perspective to her role, having studied mining engineer at the University of Arizona with a focus in sustainable resource development, which enriches her understanding of the industry landscape. 

Initially starting with biomedical engineering during community college in Phoenix, where she grew up, Sara found her true passion when she switched to mining engineering and moved to Tucson to attend the University of Arizona. One of her favorite experiences while in school was when she oversaw a drill and blast crew. “How I fell into mining was kind of happenstance, but it’s been such a blessing and one of the greatest decisions that I’ve ever made.”

A typical working day at Hermosa for Sara is never the same. Her role in the strategy and performance team involves a lot of project management and dealing with different projects at Hermosa. Coordinating people and getting the right resources to the right individuals. Sara says, “There’s a randomness to my day to day that I find really enjoyable because it keeps me stimulated.” Her innate curiosity and problem-solving skills make her an asset to our organization. 

One of Sara’s favorite aspects of her role is putting pieces of the puzzle together and being able to get a project that doesn’t fit in a certain place. 

Outside of work, Sara finds joy in simple pleasures like going on walks with her dog, spending time with her family, baking cookies, and reading.

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