Pio Ahumada, Water Treatment Technician

Introducing Pio Ahumada! Our Water Treatment Technician who has been with us for more than six years. Pio first started working with Arizona Minerals (the previous owners of Hermosa) at the core shed, and three months later he was in maintenance. Later in 2019, with South32, he started his current role as a Water Treatment Technician after obtaining his water treatment operation certification.

After an extensive background in different industries like military, law enforcement, and international trade, Pio decided to switch careers 10 years ago and work in something different like mining. When reflecting on his career he says, “I would definitely recommend to anyone to come work for South32. So far, they have done everything that they’ve promised.”

A typical day at work for Pio as a Water Treatment Technician starts with a morning briefing on activities, then a specific review that everything is working properly at the water treatment plant 1 where he works. Monitoring, checking levels, scales of PH, and being aware of everything going on during his 12-hour shift. When talking about his role he says “There is always something to do. Even if that is just walking around, you need to make sure everything is working well.”

As a Santa Cruz County local, growing up in Nogales and currently living in Rio Rico where he was able to build his house, Pio shares a deep connection with the people in Santa Cruz and expresses appreciation for his current role. “I want South32 to become something bigger than what it is. It’s an opportunity for all the community, they don’t have to leave to get a good job.”

During his free time, Pio likes to spend time with his family, play with his grandchildren, take care of his horses, and watch sports such as baseball and football.

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