Billy Rucker, Environmental Technician 

Meet Billy! Our Environmental Technician at South32 Hermosa. Billy is a fifth-generation Arizonan with deep roots in Santa Cruz County and the mining industry.  

Living in Sonoita, mining and ranching are two common traditions that run within his family. Although he didn’t have in his plans to work in mining, it only felt natural when he was in search for a career other than ranching, “I’ve dealt with permits and the forest service my entire life,” he shares, highlighting his lifelong connection to the land and its preservation.  

Billy began working at Hermosa at the water treatment plant almost three years ago. Recognizing his true interests, Billy transitioned into his current role as an Environmental Technician with the Environmental and Permitting team. Some of his responsibilities include compliance for permits, Stormwater Protection Plan inspections and coordination, and water sampling.  

When talking about the mining industry, he says, “mining today is not what people think of as mining, we have permits that we have to follow, we have rules, and we are constantly trying to make things better. It is not just digging a hole in the ground and turn around and leave it.” 

When he is not working, Billy is a true cowboy. He spends most of his time outdoors, taking care of ranches and activities that reflect his love for the land. 

Billy’s blend of professional expertise and his personal interests make him cherish his job, “Working for South32 was a blessing because I can still ranch, do everything I like to do, but have a good income close by.” 

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