We’re designing a different type of mine that sustainably produces critical minerals, putting Arizona in the driver’s seat of the clean energy race and transforming the local economy.


South32 is making the largest private investment in the Santa Cruz County economy to date by developing Hermosa’s zinc deposit, doubling the local property tax base and helping fund the county’s public schools, services, and community college. Learn more.


We’re setting a new standard for sustainable mining, with advanced technology that makes Hermosa safer than older mines. So much so, our water footprint is 75% less than other mines in the region. 


We will strengthen the domestic supply of critical minerals like zinc and manganese, reducing America’s reliance on foreign countries.


We’re helping to transform and grow the local economy, creating good-paying jobs so the next generation has more opportunities right here at home. In total, we estimate over 900 jobs from the project, with workforce development opportunities to help our goal to source 80% of the workers from Santa Cruz County.


We’re committed to making a positive difference by investing in the community, including nearly $1 million in donations to local causes so far – and we’re just getting started. 

South32’s Hermosa project will unlock new opportunities for Southern Arizona, improving people’s lives now and for generations to come.

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