Santa Cruz County Community Advisory Panel

About the Community Advisory Panel

Santa Cruz County is a beacon of diversity, and the Hermosa project wants to ensure all corners of the community are engaged in its development.

Established in 2021, the Community Advisory Panel (CAP) was formed to represent local voices in advising South32 on aspects related to Hermosa – from local workforce development and economic benefits to environmental sustainability and health and safety.

The CAP aims to facilitate communication between those living in the community and South32 in addition to helping identify goals and priorities that could benefit both the larger community and South32.

Evolving the CAP

In its May meeting, South32 and members of the CAP opted to find ways to better align the panel with future community needs after completing key milestones around community education, engagement, and feedback laid out in its original charter.

The application is now open for the next evolution of the Community Advisory Panel which will include newly nominated members along with some former panel members who have expressed interest in continuing to serve on the new panel.

The panel will consist of 15 community members, assuring both a good mix of continuity and new perspectives that further expand the representation of local communities and groups across age, gender, socio-economic, and racial demographics, among other considerations.

Apply Today!

Nominations for participation in the next evolution of the CAP are now open through July 3rd, 2024.

Applicants must be Santa Cruz County residents for at least the last 2 years, are expected to attend monthly meetings, share the information discussed during the panel meetings with the community groups they represent and gather feedback from these discussions.

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